Mary Lynn
Upcoming Events:

October 3 - Park Community Church - Shingle Springs, CA
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Latest News

Our demo CD "We Are Free" and album "Give Me Jesus" are available for purchase on iTunes! Please visit our store page for the details.  All of the songs from the CDs are also available for preview on our music page.

Mary Lynn Band Ministry Services:

1. Minister as a full band.
2. Minister as an acoustic band, including but not limited to rhythm guitar and/or piano, cajon, and bass along with lead vocals with Mary Lynn.
3. Lead an entire worship service.
4. Available to oversee a full church service.
5. Teach on worship in venues with breakout sessions/workshops.
6. Work with your worship teams on how to work as a team.
7. Available for any venue big or small, including but not limited to churches, conferences (women's conferences have a special place in our hearts), outreach events, and full concerts.

We have a full PA system available if needed.

Blessings & Peace

We are reaching out through music, using the gifts He has given us, to help bring healing and hope to the world.

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